Best Pool Cues Under 100 -Review 2017

The pool cue is of capital importance. Because it’s the only element between you and the white ball. It is mainly used to correctly “communicate” your instructions (strength, direction and effects) to the white ball.
Defining a “best” pool cue can be a daunting task. After all, the feeling, technique and experience of a player are all factors that come into play. Ultimately, it is the relationship between the player and the performance that determines the best cue for a player. That being said, some features need to look on before you choose a stick for yourself.

How to Choose the Best Pool Cues

There are many questions that surge in the buyer’s keen mind when forced to combine his love for an elegant and geometric game (like billiards) and hardship of a wallet (never too bloated). That’s why we have decided to debunk some platitudes for a lucid and conscious choice.
The choice of a pool cue should be based on the player’s style and several other disciplines. The composition of the barrel and the arrow as well as that of the process along with the total weight of the object and its dimensions required to be taken into account. Examine if the pool cue responds well when you hit the white ball, if there are no unwanted noises, if it is straight (by rolling the two pieces separately) and if the deflection of the arrow is right for you.
Choosing a reasonably priced high-quality pool cue requires a few basic things to assess. Before you buy one, ponder over the points highlighted below-


Just as a book of a thousand pages is better than a short novel, a good pool cue will cost more, clear and incontrovertible. Of course, the real value is given by the manufacturer in the pricey kit. But the best result varies depending on the player’s realization of what, where and when to apply these features.
For example, if you’re in beginning level, it doesn’t make much sense to spend a lot of money. You can buy a quality pool cue for probably somewhere in the vicinity of a 100$- 150$. In case, you want to buy a good pool cue that you can keep for a good time, it is recommended to spend at least 300$.
Not to mention, the best suggestion is to try several cues that fit your budget and see what comforts you the most.


The process (also called Tip) can be leather (a room or multi-layer), cork or plastic. Leather is certainly the material to be per-glued. Whether for the “room” or multi-layer, you usually have a choice between 3 different densities process- Hard, Medium or Soft (also called Spin).
If you use a pool cue that can be broken, it is better to opt for a Hard process. The good thing about the hard tip is that it has less maintenance. You won’t have to work on it quite so much to keep the shape.
Quite contrary, a Soft process will flatten itself more quickly – and you need to change your process more often. A soft process prevails for finesse shots though, especially if you regularly use the strips. The softer the tip, the easier it is for you to grab. Because you’ll have more friction when it contacts the cue.
Anyway, the “purists” of billiards advocate for a Hard process, while the “artists” of billiards advocate for a Soft process. It’s up to you to see what suits you.

The drum

The drum is the part of the tail located between the heel (rear end) and the truncation (center piece). Its choice affects the handling of the billiard cue. Indeed, the texture and the weight of the barrel vary. Made in the majority of cases of noble wood, its choice will also depend on the tastes of the player, according to its color and appearance. Graphite which has the peculiarity of less deforming over time, are sold mainly to snooker players.

The arrow

The selection of the arrow is paramount. The maple is considered a safe value (light color) that allows good flexibility (French or American billiards). In general, a flexible arrow makes it easier to produce effects (e.g. retro) by decreasing the precision on long balls, whereas a rigid arrow makes it possible to refine the trajectory of a ball by making it complicated to realize the effects. This is why novice players are generally encouraged to opt for a rigid arrow.


The size of a pool cue is evaluated by the diameter of the process. The larger the diameter, the more players will use big balls. The change in the standard size of a few centimeters of cues also influences the diameter of the process for each game.
There’s standard sizes for pool cues as well as the diameter of the processes, specific to each game-
– French billiards: 140cm; Diameter: (11 – 13) mm.
– English billiards: 139cm; Diameter: (8 – 9) mm.
– Snooker: 144cm; Diameter: (8 – 9) mm.
– American Billiard: 147cm; Diameter: (10 – 12) mm.

Weight and Accessories

The heavier the cue, the less the player will be able to control the speed of the ball. On the contrary, lightness deprives the strokes of speed. Hence, the beginners are directed to medium weight versatile tails (about 550g). That’s why it’s a good idea to have a large selection of cues in your recreation room.
For precision and smoother play, beginners are strongly advised to opt for a slightly heavier tail, weighing about 520 g.
To avoid skin-contact with the varnish, we advise you to position a sleeve on the barrel no matter what the material (rubber or velvet) is. But be careful. Never forget considering the weight of the tail. That is, don’t weigh it down as it can hinder you in your game. The length may vary depending on the game type and range of hits. Accordingly, you can cover the barrel completely or partially. For players with sweaty palms, it is preferable to use gloves to prevent the object from slipping from their hands.
To sum up, make sure the pool cue has a good weight, the balance is perfect and that you’re happy with the way it looks. Because that has a lot to do with how you’re going to shoot. If you feel comfortable with your stick, you’ll have a tendency to shoot a little better. Of course, fancy designs won’t make you a better pool player, but having a classy cue never made anyone worse, either.

10 Best Pool Cues Reviews

1.Players C-960 Classic Crimson Birds-Eye Maple with Triple Silver Rings Cue

Aiming to win the next pool match? But your old piece isn’t quite up to the task? Here Players can come to your aid. Their C-960 Classic will greatly improve your playing flair. You can’t deny that it’s a tale of two contrasting senses – touch and sight. With its simple yet classy design, this stick might not make the opposition player cowering as you walk towards the board. But once you stop staring at the cue and begin striking the balls it’s a different story.
Constructed to suit the aggressive players, the cue makers have used solid and genuine black double-pressed Irish linen wrap that keeps the stick well-balanced for better outcome. To keep it moisture free and unaffected to the atmospheric changes, the wood of the cue is treated with Nelsonite, a patented stabilizer before coating with epoxy.
For longer stroke, professional taper is designed on the cue. North American Grade A Hard Rock Maple, handpicked by seasoned craftsmen, in both cue and shaft is another gift by Players while stainless steel joint collar ensures rock hard hit. The result is your buy will be regret-less. Even after two decades, it’ll look and perform with equal intensity. The good reason behind it is the armor coating by the high gloss super UV. So, no fading or chipping.

– Lifetime warranty of both cue and shaft
– Irish linen wrap allows better grip
– Sturdy shaft as it is topped with a high-impact ferrule
– Reasonable price
– Special French cue wax for shaft’s smooth gliding through fingers


2.Valley House Bar Pool Cue Sticks

If you are in need of a little boost on home improvement, Valley has just got the trick. It has come up with sticks that not only play well but are true weapons of beauty. This piece has a timeless, simple and slick design that means Valley screams sophistication. It focuses on providing varying weights combining perfect balance meant to make everyone happy.
Certainly, in our indoor game room, none of us performs well. Here these sticks can help us to be a better player. Practicing on a home table with these, an amateur player can be a battle-tested tournament warrior. Buying one means you are giving an effort to play better against the opposition player in your next match.
Options are also available while purchasing a set. For example, in the 4-cue assortment, you will receive 1cue of 18oz, 19oz, 20oz and 21oz each. Again, you’ll get 2 cue of the same variations each, in case, you choose 8-cue assortment. Variety of weights allows you to get the perfect combination of speed and balance needed for different shots.
High Quality Wood is used to ensure longer use while Polycarbonate High Density Ferrule makes the cues sturdy and accurate in performance. However, if you’re looking something for professional use, you may not find it preferable.

– Durable
– 4 cues for varied shots
– Secure shipping- each in individual plastic wrapper
– Nice kits for the price
– Straight cue and the tips are pre-shaped

– The bottoms start to split after using for a few months
– Users complained about coming the cue’s tips off after few days of unpacking

3.Trademark Global Billiard Cue

Make the right move in the world of billiard with Trademark Global Billiard Cue as it aims to be a stick for the modern pool players. Placing a screw on tip, Trademark Global have created a cue that manages to balance both strike and speed. The stick feels light in the hand while giving the sense of oomph behind your every shot.
Designed for the players who are conscious about upgrading their performance at every attempt, it seems slightly higher than most other cues. It’s made better and it also does the job precisely and satisfactorily for what it is crafted for. In other words, it offers powerful, aggressive and accurate strokes whenever you want to give a try.
With a black diamond art and being polished with blue color, this tremendously eye-catching cue is an unusual combination of power and light ‘pick up’. So, finish your game with a class by generating maximum impact on the board with this top-notch stick. No doubt, it’s a winning deal as you can’t ask for anything more in this budget.

– Includes high quality hard custom fit black carrying case
– Perfectly straight cue
– Worth the price
– Well balanced
– Composite materials keep it warp resistant

– Misleadingly described as titanium made. Because titanium is used only in the little ring around the stick’s tip and probably in the joining rings of two pieces.
– Poorly designed and look cheaper

4.Beautiful Lady Women‘s Billiard Pool Cue Stick

From cleft to the final tagging, every step undertaken on a Y&J pool cue is done by the hand of their own employees. The final result is one of the most beautiful sticks on the market, featured with high density ferrule which makes the cue your long-term companion.
Extremely gorgeous, this eye-catching cue provides an extra attention of the crowd present at the bar, your performance may not be improved with this design though. However, its look is enough to bring your confidence up. The details included in it contain just what a woman would love to have on her cue. It’s pretty smooth and incredibly forgiving. Quality wood shaft in the cue along with the decal butt feels effortless to make even the most cumbersome of club pool players feel like Jeanette Lee in her pomp.
However, as there’s nothing like having your own stick containing exactly the same traits you’re looking for, you shouldn’t step behind from purchasing this one. Having awesome profile, this superbly crafted stick will help you play better with the sensible fusion of strength and attack. A fully recommended cue for ladies.

-Good looking
-Straight and well-balanced
-Variation in color and weight

– A few users claimed it as warped
– Defective tip

5.Viper Signature 57″ 2-Piece Realtree Camouflage Billiard/Pool Cue

Understanding what it takes to manufacture a high end and well-featured pool cue, Viper has successfully created this model that is induced with a deep passion for making success story in pool game. This investment-grade collectible cue includes ABS joints which will let you make more accurate shots consistently during your play.
The perfect fusion of tradition with innovation is maintained in it through the HD camouflage pattern of Realtree Hardwoods and the shaft (manufactured from hard standard Canadian Maple wood). Variation in weights gives you the opportunity of practising with different forces, a great chance to understand the techniques related with power and stroke.
Loaded with essential accessories like nylon wrap, leather tip and a traditional rubber bumper, this incredibly designed pool cue will set the environment on fire if you manage to make some nice shots. This 2-piece stick is an amazing option to carry anywhere to show your skill. Definitely, this pool stick is always ready to be your best match-winning partner.

– Recommendable for the beginners
– Portable, 2-piece cue
– Straight, smooth and well-balanced

-Some customers complained about their getting defective product

6.CUESOUL SOOCOO Series 58″ 2 Piece Maple Billiard Pool Cue Sticks-19OZ

SOOCOO is one of the best cues in the collection of CUESOUL’s Billiard Pool Cues. Its shaft is made of the Canadian A++ Maple Wood which is the best in the business. It has a nice, orthodox heavy shaped look but it feels great. In fact, you can create more snap with this amazingly light pickup that let the object ball go into the pocket slow, making the cue ball lively.
Not a breaking cue, yet you can count on to make difficult shots very confidently. The 12.75/11.5mm tip allows you to send the balls on target pocket without worrying about getting the shot miss. It’s a kind of luxury to play with such ease.
The butt of this solid cue crafted with Canadian Maple Wood by the expert designers of Cuesoul and the finishing touch is given with Luxury Pearl White. Fortunately, they have done all these in a manner that doesn’t affect the cue’s power and the strong sweet strike comes as a surprise. Can’t beat it for the price.

– Color variation
– Portable
– Lightweight
– Corrosion free collar, pin and bottom rings

-Limited only to 19OZ

7.McDermott Classic Pool Cue Kit

Very few pool cues make you feel like a pro while playing pool game and this is one of them. This stick is accepted by thousands of beginners as well as professional pool players as one of the cues available in the market that offers a solid fusion of balance, power and control. It is designed in such a way that your every shot allows the object ball meet the sweet spot, the pocket.
It may not be perfect for the advanced user, but it’ll compensate you on the board by its ease-of-use. You can even increase its weight significantly by using heavier weight bolt inside the stick after removing the rubber bumper. This feature works as its defense power. Because applying its weight adjustable trait, you can change the flow of the match in the tougher moments of the matches.
Straight and well-balanced this cue can exceed your expectation if you manage to scuff and amplify your technique. Enjoying with this stick is totally up to you as it’ll offer you maximum maneuverability accompanying all the essentials you need to make the best shot. Nice stick for the money.

-3-year warranty
-2-piece cue, easy to carry
-Comes with some accessories like chalk holder or tip scuffer / shaper

-Some users found it warped

8.Cuetec Professional Series 1-Piece Canadian Maple Billiard/Pool House Cue

Playing the pool game with precision needs a good cue selection. With the increasing challenge, there’s no other option except keeping pace with the advancement of technology. Here, Cuetec belongs to the front line. Cuetec Professional Series is an absolute beast – a giant profile with minimal design, for players looking to make their shots in a tight space.
Available in 5 different sizes, this shorty covers almost all the shots in full stroke where the standard cues fail to show the game. It’s about 6”-7” shorter than typical sticks, super straight and better than toy grade cues. A one-piece cue, perfectly round and smooth. Quality kit and feels good in hands. The tip of the cue is made with Deluxe brown leather which helps you aim the ball better than other conventional cues available out there and makes your damn accurate.
The Grade A Plus North American Maple shaft is composite coated that protects and maintains the straightness of the pool cue. It can stand reasonable limit of abuse also. A very good house cue for the price. Highly recommended for gifting your kids.

– Wide range of weight
– Cost effective
– Perfect for kids or playing on small arena
– Immune to scratch

-1-piece, less preferable for carrying

9.Cuesoul 58 Inch 19 Oz 1/2 Jointed Maple Billiard Pool Cue

Cuesoul 58” Maple Billiard Pool Cue has all the attributes to satisfy you. This cue has a ferrule of 18mm Fiber which will help you hit extra hard. No chance of getting warped as it’s made with Canadian maple wood. Durability is induced in it by using 13mm/11.5mm 6-layer baked pig leather tip that has increased its scale of performance as well.
Among other features which declare the cue as a good one include Irish linen thread warp, rubber bumper and decal butt made of same quality wood. While all these ensures a good match on your part, its fantastic look enriched with artistic design will overwhelm each and every watcher that comes across it. Undoubtedly, you’ll fall in love with this cue at the very first sight.
Better outcome along with proper accuracy in speed and strength is maintained by the manufacturers in the form of weight adjustment trait. Comfortable and efficient handling is also allowed in this cue to unleash the full potential of any player. It’s a combination of unmatched power, lustrous appearance and technical advancement.
So, if you think you have never handled a cue that feels nice, looks good and performs beyond expectation, you should give a try to this incredibly well-balanced Maple Billiard Cue. It comes with a very reasonable price tag. Affordable to any pool lover.

– Good-looking
– Impressive packaging
– Comes with a case
– Divergent patterns with amazing color combination are available
-A few users complain about the tip’s getting broken after few use
-Some found it curve (not straight)

10.Iszy Billiards 58-Inch Hardwood Canadian Maple Pool Cue Billiard Stick with Irish Wrap

Iszy Billiards have not disappointed us with this one. It’s a very popular pool cue among the pros. Lightweight of course, but gives maximum speed with accurate balance point. While hitting the cue ball, don’t be surprised watching its responsiveness. Being constructed with Canadian maple hardwood, it gives a great feeling and supplies the strength needed to deal with your opposition player.
Another unique feature of this cue is its composition which has done the crucial job of balancing between weight and power. Red and black texture on it has an aesthetic appeal. And if you prefer wrapped cues to keep your sweaty hand moisture free, handling the cue won’t be frustrating anymore as the Irish Linen wrap on it will provide you a nice and firm, a kind of heavenly grip to play the best and hard shot.
The weight variation from 18 – 21 oz. is like add-ons to this stick. Well, different prices are applicable for different weights and each one is value for the money. Among other high-end features, the most appreciable attributes are its leather tip, fiber ferrule(13mm) and corrosion free joint.
With all these aspects, the stick consistently maintains the tendency to send the balls into the pockets you aim at. However, there’s hardly any top-of-the-line stick available at market with such tight budget that comes with everything an elite player wishes to have together.

– Comes in 4 different weight varieties
– Solidly structured
– Look sharp and finely crafted
– Fiber ferrule absorbs most of the vibration assuring better performance.
– Perfect balance, and straight like an arrow

-Defective tip
-Some users found it warped