5 Billiard Accessories to use to Neil The Pool Game

Billiard Accessories to use

Finding the right accessories for your billiard needs can sometimes be confusing and time consuming. Some of the billiard accessories you may want to look into getting may include billiard chalk, billiard triangle racks, pool table brush, billiard gloves, pool and snooker cues, pool game balls. There are too many billiard accessories to list here. Many of the different billiard accessories will not only improve the enjoyment you have playing a great game of billiards, but will make your life as a billiards player an easier one.

8 Accessories or Kit Ideas for Billiard

Billiards Starter Kit

This kit is essential for anyone getting your own pool table at home. This kit contains all the billiard accessories you need to play. You get a table brush, pool balls, cue tips, chalk for the tips, a rack, and a cue ball.


For the die hard fan of billiards, there are billiards boxers, caps/hats, t-shirts, gloves, golf shirts, jackets, and even hand towels available to you.

If you are more into items that you don’t have to wear, you might want to look into zippo lighters, coffee mugs, key chains, pillows, barware, and other specialties all with the billiards theme.

Pool Tables

Choosing the perfect pool table for your home or business can take some time. There are so many options available to you as a consumer, you could shop for pool tables for quiet some time, and still maybe not be sold on a particular brand or model. There are several different models and brands of pool tables as well, such as Olhausen, Brunswick, Mizerak, Phoenix, Hardrock, Mgm, Monte Carlo, Southwest Billiard Tables, Murrey, Imperial Black Widow, and a ton more.

Tables are generally produced from three different types of materials. Mica laminate or vinyl melamine coating. The less expensive pool tables use mica laminate or vinyl melamine coating. Some tables are built with a veneer laminate over another type of wood. The underlying wood may be made of particle board, MDF board, or laminated layers of solid wood. The better tables employ solid wood in all of the wood components. They range in style from simple to very fancy and are made in a wide range of woods, including Oak, Cherry, Ash, Maple, Poplar, and Mahogany.

Pool Cues

Choosing the perfect pool cue can be frustrating some times. But when you get your perfect pool cue, you will absolutely love it. If you have never owned your very own pool cue, you are missing out on playing with a quality pool cue. There are many different manufacturer’s to choose from when selecting your very own pool cue, such as Sterling cues, Blaze, Scorpion, Fury, Falcon, Tempest, Predator, McDermott, Cuetec, and Sierra Custom Cues. Some of the better pool cues, mostly the custom ones, can cost you thousands of dollars, for such masterpieces. Although, if you are on a tight budget, you can find a nice pool cue for an affordable price.

Cue Cases

Depending on your expertise and budget, there are many different kinds of cases to consider when searching for your next cue case. Then you have hard cue cases, soft cue cases, and travel cue cases. Predator, Balabushka, Giuseppe, Excalibur, Vincitore, WIN, Tad, Instroke, Whitten, and Justis are just a few of the manufacturer’s that offer high quality cue cases. They can be relatively cheap, or quite expensive, depending on the model and case type you choose.

Lighting for billiard tables

Lighting for your billiard room and your pool table can really make a big difference. Hard to play well when the lighting is not optimal or adequate. At least that is always one of my favorite excuses. There are so many lighting options for you as a billiard player, I chose to only list only a small amount in comparison to the lighting for billiard tables that is available today. Some popular lighting for your billiard tables include Sterling, Copper Foil Billiard Lights, Octopus Bar Lights, Tiger Glass Lights, Tear Drop, White Pumpkin, Crystal Combos, Tiffany Peacock Billiard Light, and a lot more. Like anything else, depending on the brand of lighting for your billiard table, you choose, the price can vary greatly.

Books and Posters

Some books that I have found quite popular in the billiards community are Steve Mizerak’s Complete Book of Pool, The 99 Critical Shots in Pool, Complete Idiot’s Guide to Pool, Byrne’s Standard Book of Pool, Byrnes Treasury of Trick Shots, Byrne’s Advanced Book of Pool, Capelle’s A Mind for Pool, Play Your Best Pool, and Mizerak’s Winning Pool Tips are some of the excellent billiard book titles available to help you with your overall billiards game and skill.


This game requires skill and strategy to be a good snooker player. The game of Snooker is actually a combination of Life Pool and Pyramids, 15 red Pyramids balls are racked up in a triangle together with 6 balls from Life Pool which are placed separately. Snooker is most popular in the countries of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland together with Commonwealth countries such as South Africa, Australia and Canada. Balls Used: Set of Snooker balls: fifteen object balls that are not numbered and are solid red (called reds), six object balls of other colors that are not numbered (called colors) and a cue ball (called the white ball). Point values for object balls: red-1, yellow-2, green-3, brown-4, blue-5, pink-6, black-7. The object of snooker is to score a greater number of points than opponent.

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