9 Billiard Tricks to be Master of this Game

Play Billiard like a professional

Billiards is not a booming game in Spain, especially when compared to the United States, but playing with friends or family at home or in a bar is always fun. However, has not happened to you that sometimes you do not want to play because others know more than you and do not want to appear clumsy and lose?

Here you can find a few basic billiards tricks that will make you better :

  • The first thing is to make sure that both the table and the balls are clean . For the table you will have to use a brush, while for the balls, will suffice with a damp cloth, although sometimes it is necessary to give them a little wax.
  • When choosing taco, look at the cap (the tip). It should not be too flat or too bulky. And when you are going to give chalk, do not make circular movements, but horizontal, like scraping the cap. This will evenly distribute the chalk .
  • When executing the stroke, keep in mind that the trajectory of the white ball will be influenced by the point of the ball in which you hit it , by the direction in which you have the club and by the force of the blow .
  • To achieve good body posture , position yourself so that the right foot (if right-handed) is aligned with the white ball and the target ball. Turn the body and foot 45 or to the right. Place your left leg forward and right back to balance. Both the legs and the left arm should be fully extended. Now hit the ball with a small push of the right shoulder. The important thing is to be comfortable and allow a good balance.
  • There are different ways to place the hand . To make the classic bridge or ring , place the base of the hand and the heart, ring and pinky fingers to support you, and with the index and thumb form a ring with which to control the club. To make the bridge open or without a ring , it is the same but without forming the ring and is more advisable for smooth runs and no effect.
  • The club should be parallel to the table to hit, moving the arm from the elbow and not from the shoulder. The trend in beginners is to aim with the club down and hit from the shoulder, which causes the ball to jump.
  • When you hit the ball, it is usual to stop the club dry. But this is not correct, the cue should follow its trajectory about 15cm . plus.
  • An uncomfortable situation is when the white ball stays stuck to the band of the table, preventing to hit it well. In these cases, try to place the cue as horizontally as possible and strike without giving effect .
  • To finish, the best trick of all, is to practice, practice and practice.

The best snooker tricks to surprise

Playing pool can be difficult, especially if we are learning, but if you want to perform amazing snooker tricks , what you will see here exceeds the difficult term to position itself as practically impossible to perform.

Surely, now you are thinking: Buah! I can never do such good tricks. The point is to try, to repeat and practice it until you reach your goals.