Best Pool Table/Billiard Table Reviews 2017

Pool Table Reviews

For real billiard fans, having a pool table of their own is a dream. Especially the players who don’t like to be in smoky pubs or feel uncomfortable in playhouses, a billiard table at their home can be a matter of great pleasure.

However, choosing a pool is not always an easy thing.

So far, you have probably not dealt with the subject of buying a pool table, but have only discussed in public facilities during the game, whether the billiard table is good or has less to offer.

For this reason, before you purchase a table, you should thoroughly inform yourself about the market where different type of pool tables are present with a variety of price and performance ratio.

First of all, be aware that several kinds of billiards are existing out there. Each of them has different game tables. Note that French billiard tables do not have holes while the American or English billiards have 6. The rules of the game are not identical and the player must therefore choose his billiards according to his personal criteria.

How to Choose the Top Pool Tables

Billiard tables, with so many different models and sizes, how to know which table is right for you? First, determine why you want a table. Do you want a recreational table for family fun or a professional model to perfect yourself and become the best player in your league? Or you may want to master other challenging games such as snooker or carom?

Selecting the right pool table depends on your correctly answering to these questions.

Certainly, a professional billiard player puts more emphasis on details than an amateur. But as billiard tables are often of excessive value, some practical advice is needed in order to be able to make the best possible choice.

Hence, before purchasing one, you may take the following specifications into account.

Dimension of the table

Billiard tables are always a perfect rectangle with the width being half the length. A full-size English standard measurement Billiard is 12” long and 6” wide! However, a billiard table is available in various sizes and shapes. This is because the 8-foot pool table allows the shortest shooting and easier than the 9-foot table that requires more time and shooting which is more challenging too. Therefore, this is a very important factor not to overlook if you want to buy the most suitable table for you.

Again, make sure that your room is large enough to accommodate the game table. There must also be enough space around the table for players to move freely. Finally, you also want to take every possible posture so that you can strike powerfully. Hitting the walls while making the shots can ruin its appearance. Necessarily, you may take time to refer to any game room planner to determine which table size would suit your game room.


Even the weight of a pool table is different and it depends, of course, on the size of the table itself. Professional ones are very heavy, but there are also lighter models that you can close. The non-professional models, however, are usually quite light. So, always check the weight so that you get the possibility of being able to move it if necessary.

The next point is very important …


The pool tables are built in plastic or wood. Those made of the highest quality Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) are durable enough. It is also important to evaluate the material of the slats which are not always be wood.

Slate or plywood is ideal material as it does not deform over time. A pool board of excellent quality is realized with 3 pieces of slate, each of the thickness of 1 cm and this enables the maximum strength and durability.

Wheels & other Accessories

For the professional uses, it is necessary to evaluate the possibility of being able to easily move the board using the underlying wheels attached with the table.

Don’t ignore the presence of other accessories also: from the sticks to the set of balls, from chalk to the triangle.


You can select a customizable pool table to suit your preferences in terms of color as well. A good color should be used for the cloth, avoiding especially those who have dust and gypsum stains. The same goes for other add-ons such as splints, rack and balls. You can even have them designed according to your will which may cost more than the regular prices.

Convertibility & Installation

If you plan to install the billiard table in your living room, we recommend that you prefer a pool table that can be converted into a dining table or a desk. Designed with the same characteristics as a real table, a lot of billiard tables are available in the market. They can be used as a main table or side table, while maintaining all the qualities of a very good pool.

Finally, you need to hire a professional to do the installation as a great deal of knowledge is required especially in leveling and maintenance. Most retailers have their experts who help customers with the installation.


The companies offering pool tables are usually certified or have years of experience in selling this type of product. You should check the warranty, which typically ranges from 1 to 3 years, of your favorite table to make sure you can change it if there are some problem with the delivery.

This also works as a coverage for replacements and repairs in case of problems after purchase. With time, they will have to be replaced mainly because of wear or when lost some accessories. These include the cloth, even broken balls and cues.


The cost of the pool tables is also divergent. Everything depends on the quality of the table and the use you’re offering to made of it. Small tables, which are easy to handle with average materials mainly used by children to play or learning, come in a very affordable budget; while larger tables for a professional use have fairly significant costs.

Buying a poor-quality table can have expensive consequence. So, before making an important investment it is essential to choose the one that suits your needs.

Now, you may want to consider other factors while buying pool tables, but with the few mentioned above, you are good to go. Whether you prefer a contemporary billiard table, a very modern design billiard table, or a more traditional billiard table in classic or rustic style, you will get the long-term enjoyment of equipment without any drawback at all.

So, it’s time to visit online or your local stores to see their wide, unique collection of quality billiard tables and pick any of the styles from classic, modern, contemporary, Victorian, transitional in order to make your billiard room beautiful and perfectly harmonious with your taste.

Best Pool Tables Reviews

1.Barrington 90 in. Claw Leg Billiard Table

Barrington 90 in. Billiard Table is clearly an indoor game board. It is particularly suitable when the space requirement is the most important criterion and no space is large enough for a 7.5ft medium-sized billiard table. In addition, the Barrington billiard table is suitable for children and adolescents, as the smaller dimensions make it quicker to achieve success. The fun factor is clearly in the foreground here, and you should not expect to play professional billiards on it as an 89.5L x 50.25W x 31H in pool table simply does not give the opportunity.

Due to the comparatively lighter weight about 310 lbs., it is much easier to level. So, while assembling the first success is almost guaranteed. Starting to hit the balls instantly after setting the board is another great feature that Barrington offers since it comes as a complete package containing a set of balls, 2 cue sticks, a triangle rack, a table brush and 2 cubes of chalk. The sticks and balls it comes with are undoubtedly serviceable.

To provide a classic feel on this brown and green table made of PVC/MDF/Steel accompanying polyester fabric, the manufacturer has introduced an opulent wood-toned finish in its oversized claw feet. It’s not scratch resistant though. What’s more! The sturdy 18mm thick particle board along with deck support behaves like a safeguard against fragility. Additionally, the fabric pockets help to start a rematch quickly. So, it’s time to challenge your partner consistently.

2.Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver 6.5’ Billiard Table

This is a complete set of billiards, which includes everything for immediate play-off. The quality of Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver 6.5’ billiard table is also surprisingly good. The surface with Green Nylon Cloth gives the table a solid and durable impression. The billiard table also has a double-sealed sheet of MDF Play-Bed. While the nylon allows energetic and rough performance on your home environment, the MDF Play-Bed makes the table warp proof. The ball recoil system ensures that all the balls that fall into the hole are transported to the end of the table that makes it easy for you to start a new match ASAP.

The construction of this mini billiard table is also easy and appropriate for laymen.  After assembling, you can balance or level the playing surface completely using the disc-style leg levelers even upon the uneven ground. This extremely light billiard table is easy to transport.

Because of the mini dimensions, your playing experience with it won’t be as great as that would be with the “big” tables, but there’ll be fun for sure and this is the most important thing with this billiard table. However, this board is not originated for outdoor use, so if it’s subjected to humidity, warping will be the most horrible outcome.

3.Fat Cat Reno II 7.5-Foot Billiard/Pool Game Table

For such high-budget, a variety of pool tables is available in the market. But the difference you’ll see in this model is the thickness of the playing surface. Its table top is made of 1” thick accuslate which comes with a 7-year warranty. The burgundy wool cloth on it gives extra protection from warping. Apart from the table top, the other specifications of this board that you’ll appreciate include K66 rubber bumpers, French-style drop pockets and solid wooden rails. All these may not influence the playing quality of the board. Their beautiful appearance can encourage you for playing better though.

After assembling the leg sections and attaching the top on it, you’re all set for the first break as all the necessary equipment such as 2 cues, 1 rail brush, 1 set balls, 1 resin triangle and 2 pieces of chalk. While the astonishing inlays decorated with white diamonds increase your confidence, you may find the slow rolling balls frustrating which is its most crucial drawback. The reason behind is that when the balls hit the bumper, it causes them to wobble and the return is therefore not perfect, but generally works quite well.

However, it has got a very appealing design that can suit any type of interior decoration. The maple wood veneered legs with a cherry finish is an unmatched offer that comes with this easy to install table. The hidden leg levelers allow to adjust in unsmooth ground and you can handle each leg Individually, that’s what makes it more worthy to be into your game-room.

4.Mini Folding Pool Table

This Mini Folding Pool Table is a small billiard table, at least the smallest on which you can play smart. The price-performance ratio, or what you get for this amount, is really amazing. In addition to the table (about 44″ x 24″), you’re getting 2 wooden sticks (42.5 inch), 15 (1.5 inch) billiard standard balls, 2-pieces of chalk, a triangle and a table brush, so you have everything necessary to start a billiard match.

Of course, one should not expect too much, because it is unquestionably no material for advanced or even for professionals. However, with such a billiard table, the fun factor is certainly high, and the low purchase price is also in the foreground. For a small purse and a smaller room, this mini billiard table is perfect for both children and adults.

This table of CHH QUALITY PRODUCTS INC is portable and easy to store, thanks to its foldable legs and at the price there is nothing to complain about the material and the processing quality. The table is not made of any leather or wool material, but a solid wood made. However, the balls roll quite neatly if one does not notice their occasional, slight rolling towards the wall. Professional shots are almost impossible, but the fun does not suffer.

5.Hathaway Fairmont 6 ft. Portable Pool Table

For under $600, you are not going to find a tournament grade pool table with an 8ft. or 9ft. playing surface that constantly provides the experience of hitting challenging shots. The best you can expect is a 6ft. billiard table and Hathaway is offering you the same with lots of features worth collecting. The Hathaway Fairmont 6 ft. Pool Table is an indoor portable table with a Poly Sealed 1/2-in thick carb certified MDF top with corner castings of matte black melamine Cabinet color that’s again chrome-coated.

All in all, one can stick to it: small billiard table, great fun which it is good (if not quite professional) to play. The accessory fulfills its purpose, even if it does not have the best quality. Better queues and balls you can still buy, of course, if the quality of the supplied equipment with the time is no longer enough.

The legs being foldable give the easy storage option. It weighs around 100 lbs. and therefore portable and can be handled by only two persons. The pockets made of rope net keep the ball near your reach every time you hit a shot. You may find the pockets unable to hold more than a few balls. But as the table isn’t manufactured for any tournament play, it’s not a big deal. Overall, the table, designed for recreational pool players, is one of the best, if not the best, pool tables that you can purchase for this budget.

6.MD Sports 84 in. Arcade Billiard Table

MD Sports Arcade Billiard Table a great choice if you want to invite your friends to play pool game during your free time. Since it is designed with customizable leg levelers, you can place it even on any rough surface. Due to its sensible design, setting it up is like a piece of cake. Not only does it come with internal ball drop pockets (which means no more losing balls) but it also comes with a rack, cues and a full set of balls. Don’t you just love the realistic approach of this table?

With this model, you’ll love challenging your friend (or should we say you’ll love winning the game). MD Sports provides this high-quality billiard table with an excellent performance. The designers haven’t ignored its appearance though by using MDF wood with PVC laminate finish. The body and rails are made scratch-proof. That being said, it’s suitable for any home condition. It’s not surprising that for maintaining durability strong particle board is used in it. The board also features 18mm thick deck.

What’s so special about it is that you can manage to transport disassembling it. It’s a little bit heavy in weight, but with proper management you can easily move the table around. Again, if you want to store it when you’re not using it, make sure you preserve it right to ensure its long-term beauty and quality. However, we would like to point out that before starting to play on this table, you’ll need to level the board to get rid of the frustrating rolling of the bolls towards the rails. This won’t take your much time once you learn to deal with the process.